Thin wall mould manufacturer

Micon Mould good at making thin wall container mould, such as thin wall box mould, ice cream box mould, food container mould, thin wall bucket mould, thin wall cup mould, thin wall tray mould, cutlery mould etc.

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Micon Mould is 真人电玩捕鱼大厅二维码首页 in China. We offer you 真人电玩捕鱼大厅iosapp etc. More than ten years experience for custom high speed thin wall mould, the minimum wall thickness we can make to 0.4mm.
Making high speed thin wall mould, the most important thing is to control the tooling precision. We use H13 or S136 steel for thin wall mould core and cavity steel. After heating treatment, the thin wall mould steel hardness can reach to HRC 42-48. With good mould steel and precision tooling guaranteed our high speed thin wall mould life more than 2 million shots.
2 cavity 500ML thin wall bucket mould, S136 steel, hot runner, high speed injection machine moulding test.



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